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SPUC History

The Society for Pediatric Urgent Care began as a collaboration among leaders in pediatric urgent care delivery at top children’s hospitals across the country. Due to limited and scattered resources available regarding the delivery of pediatric urgent care, the collaboration began with information sharing about practice management, strategic planning and provider performance.

While we were serving as resources to each other, we sought to share our resources with others, as well as engage those who were practicing pediatric urgent care, at both the leadership and provider levels.

SPUC was formed in 2014. Learn more about SPUC’s Founders Circle.

SPUC mission

The Society for Pediatric Urgent Care (SPUC) is the professional society for providers of Pediatric Urgent Care medicine. We strive to establish standards for high quality, unscheduled pediatric care outside of the emergency department setting in collaboration with the medical home.

We promote the importance of the specialty of pediatric urgent care and set the practice and professional standards using evidence-based guidelines. We facilitate communication among national leaders and providers of pediatric urgent care in order to establish quality standards and national practice benchmarks. We define a career path for pediatric urgent care providers and establish educational opportunities to ensure the continued delivery of high quality care.

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