Fall 2022

New Listserv for SPUC Members Through Simplelists

Post, follow, comment, converse

  • SPUC has migrated to a new listserv product that is more user-friendly for our members called Simplelists.
  • As a SPUC member, the email address you provided for your member record has already been transferred to the new listserv forum.
  • You will receive a confirmation email containing a link which you must click to confirm that you have become an active listserv subscriber.
  • Log in [urgentcarepeds.org]┬áto the Member section and navigate to the seventh bullet ‘Listserv’.
  • Review your profile. Here you may also make changes to the default settings such as how often you’d like to receive postings or unsubscribe.

Review Listserv Policies (iris.societyhq.com)

Now you are free to post, follow, comment or converse!

We hope you will enjoy SPUC’s new listserv platform and will use it often for sharing, education and creative brainstorming.

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